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Performance Squad



Our Performance squad is our top group and is designed for swimmers who are achieving Scottish and British National times along with aiming to be in a Scottish National Swimming squad.

The swimmers will continue to work on all of their strokes and skills but training and competitions will be more tailored and suited to them as individuals.

They will also get training on goal setting, mindset, nutrition and hydration and many other things to help make them into well rounded individuals/athletes.

Swimmers will also receive weekly strength and conditioning land training.


Head Coach - Susan Taylor


Weekly Pool sessions = 8

Weekly Land Sessions = 2

Total Weekly Training Hours = 17


Competitions - British Age Groups, All Scottish Level 1 meets, Selected level 2 meets, Districts, Fife Leagues and Club time trials


Kit required - Swimming cap, goggles, water bottle, kick board, pull buoy, fins, snorkel and hand and finger paddles, ankle strap, sponge and skipping ropes