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Minnows Squad


Our Minnows squad has 3 levels - beginner (but confident in the water and able to swim a little unaided), intermediate and club ready.

The swimmers will learn the basics of all 4 competitive strokes along with skills such as correct breathing patterns, starts, tumble turns, sculling and lane etiquette.

All minnows lessons are between 45-60 minutes, allowing for a lot of time to practice all strokes and skills effectively with swimmers progressing to swim in 25m lanes to gain confident in all areas of the pool.


Coaches - Russell PayneKay Maxwell, Graham Wilde, Ian Bonney, Fiona Hepburn,

Assistant Coaches - Charlie Urquhart, Hebe Weavers, Cammeron Hemphill


Weekly Pool sessions = 1-2

Total Weekly Training Hours = -0.75hrs - 2hrs


Competitions - Club time trials if the swimmers wish to. Minnows 1 Fife Novice League


Kit Required - Swimming cap, goggles, water bottle, small kick board and pull buoy